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Technological University
At the Technological University of the city of Korolev, as part of the implementation of the national project "Education", a ceremonial presentation of five workshops in the field of information technology was held to the heads of city-forming enterprises and Roscosmos. One of them is a virtual reality workshop. Now part of the training for future space system engineers, as well as final exams using virtual reality, will be held here.

Students will be able to work with digital twins created in Compass-3D and Inventor in virtual reality based on the VR Concept application, thereby getting a complete understanding of the work done, existing errors and ergonomics of controlling the future satellite or ship.

The virtual reality workshop was created as part of the implementation of the federal event "State support for professional educational organizations in order to ensure that their material and technical base meets modern requirements" of the federal project "Young Professionals" of the national project "Education" of the state program of the Russian Federation "Development of Education". If you are confused about the names, remember the most important thing: it is located at the Technological University and will become one of the centers for preparing participants for the regional and federal WorldSkills Russia 2020 championships.

The Technological University is the core of the Regional Scientific and Educational Cluster "North-East", created on behalf of the Governor of the Moscow Region in 2015 with the goal of creating a unified educational and scientific space in the north-eastern part of the Moscow region and providing personnel for enterprises with high-tech industries.

Three years ago, the Center for Additional Education, Children’s Technology Park "Quantorium", was created on the basis of the university, where children learn to create projects in the field of nanotechnology, robotics and astronautics. Quantorium graduates continue their studies at the University and its structural secondary vocational education, where technology companies such as VR Concept are attracted as partners. In this way, a system of modern continuous education and training of specialists is being built for enterprises of the science city of Korolev, the region and the whole country.

The opening of five modern workshops in information technology within the framework of the national project "Young Professionals" creates conditions for training personnel for secondary vocational and higher education, taking into account the modern requirements of the digital economy and the tasks of enterprises in high-tech industries, says Alexey Shchikanov, first vice-rector of the Technological University. — A new model of education is being created using distance technologies, virtual reality technologies, including additional education for schoolchildren and enterprise employees.