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CASE construction
The VR Concept solution was showcased as part of the Moscow Urban Forum 2022, an ongoing event scheduled until August 21, where key urban planning and infrastructure projects in Moscow are being exhibited.

At the Moscow City Construction Department’s booth, the VR Concept solution is being used to present a model of the multifunctional educational cluster "Lomonosov," a component of the Innovation Scientific and Technical Center of Moscow State University "Sparrow Hills."
VR Concept has devised a scenario enabling users to navigate through the building and fully experience the project’s scale using VR technology. Upon donning the helmet, users find themselves on the second floor of the under-construction Lomonosov cluster building. Their task is to identify collisions—intersecting or mismatched design elements. Alongside this quest, users can explore the observation deck of the cluster and enjoy panoramic views of Moscow State University.

In the project’s design, BIM technologies were employed, allowing for visual and automated model checks. Critical deviations from the Common Data Environment (CDE) and planned benchmarks are identified by overlaying point clouds on the model. The use of BIM technologies offers the capability to work with both the entire model and individual components, enhancing the project’s efficiency.