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How to access the software:

To receive the VR Concept Distribution, leave a request on the website (button “Demo”):

A letter with a link to the VR Concept Distribution, documentation and instructions will automatically be sent from
Install the VR Concept Program on all computers. When starting the Program, create a key file (you need to create keys on all computers).
Send all key files from the Licensee’s work email to, indicating which computer the Program license is issued on (indicating the key name).
The Licensee must be informed that the same version of VR Concept must be installed on all computers.
In case of updating versions of the Program, the previous version must be deleted (manually delete the bin folder in the VR Concept folder, by default - "C:\Program Files\VR Concept").
In response, the Licensor sends a file with a software key.
1.2. The right to use is considered transferred and the Licensor has fulfilled its obligations from the moment the Parties sign the Certificate of Acceptance and Transfer of the Right to Use.
1.3. The Licensor sends to the Licensee a Transfer and Acceptance Certificate, which the Parties sign no later than 10 (Ten) business days from the date the Licensee pays the remuneration to the Licensor under clause 2.3. actual agreement. If the Licensor fails to receive a copy of the Transfer and Acceptance Certificate signed by the Licensee or motivated by written objections within the prescribed period, the said Transfer and Acceptance Certificate is considered approved by the Licensee.


3.1. All copyrights to the Program, accompanying printed materials and any copies of the Program belong to the Copyright Holder. All rights to the Program are protected by the laws of the Russian Federation and international copyright agreements, as well as other laws and treaties governing copyright relations. Therefore, the Program must be treated like any other copyrighted work, except that the Program may be installed on a single computer and the original may be retained, provided that it is used only as an archive or backup copy. Copying of printed materials accompanying the Program is prohibited.


4.1. The Program can be supplied on several types of media, as well as via the Internet exclusively from the Copyright Holder's website. Regardless of their type and capacity, you are allowed to use only media of the type that matches your computer or network server. It is not permitted to install from other media on other computers, provide media for rental or temporary use, or assign them for use for other purposes, except in the case of a complete transfer of the Program described above.